4 Netflix Series That Are Always Expected In October 2021

The online movie streaming platform, Netflix, will always come with a great range of high-quality series. And each of them is available for everyone, everywhere. You have a lot of movies, but one of the most awaited is the original Netflix series. As in October, Forbes listed four of the best and awaited series with exciting stories. Here is the list to watch.

The New Series That Always Worth Waiting

1. Pretty Smart

Released on October 8th, the series takes a part of Chelsea’s daily life activities as a Harvard graduate. The highly intelligent girl is played by Emily Osment, the big name behind Spy kids and Hannah Montana. Just as the past acts, she will fill up the cast of this Netflix comedy series that portray the hectic life of living with friends.

The main story builds up as she is dumped by her boyfriend, which later forces her to live with her female siblings. As a girl with a dream of being a novelist, her life is started to fill with fun and antics. Along with her three other girls, the Netflix series tells her journey to comply with whatever she has to face and adapt to the current situation.

2. Collin In Black And White

Under the direction of Colin Kaepernick and Ava Duvernay, the series is about Kaepernick’s biography. It focuses on his high school life that turns him into an activist. The dramatic story comes true as the main character has to face harsh racial discrimination. It gets even worse since he is a black man that lives with a white family. Despite the struggle, he eventually turns into an influential quarterback in NFL.

3. Maid

Offer a heavier story to relate, Maid brings up a toxic family life on the screen. Margaret Qualley who is playing Alex has to face the harsh street and life along with her daughter. The daughter Maddy, is brilliantly played by Rylea Nevaeh Whiyyet. The Netflix series shows both main actors tell great chemistry to portray the harsh story.

The survival story of the two from the toxic family is smartly portrayed in 10 episodes. It shows all the hardship of being a homeless with daughter. Which later gets even more complicated as Alex has to live in a shelter, work as a janitor, and fight for her daughter right. The emotional story has been released since the 1st of October and keeps on giving tear-jerking moments.

 4. You Season 3

Season three of You, show the continuation story of Joe and Love. Love is currently pregnant turns into a jealous woman. At the same time, Joe is the man that has a hard time resisting woman charms. It shows a new setting as the two moves to Los Angeles. The story gets its climax as they have to face their issues upon issues. You can watch the Netflix series show right now.

Those are what you can look after during this month. The series comes with its original story that brings out a unique perspective and narrative to tell. Each comes with a unique plot that shows the range of reality. You can check and subscribe to Netflix to watch the serials and watch other movies that are worth the fee.

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