5 List Film of Mario Casas Netflix – Release Date, Cast, And Plot

In the last decade, several Spanish actors have found unparalleled global success. Now, you can pay attention to the Galician superstar Mario Casas, famous in the film. Casas has starred in dozens of Spanish films and others with impressive acting skills, good looks, and charisma. If you’re curious about the list of Mario Casas Netflix movies, here is the info!

Netflix Movie By Mario Casas

  1. The Skin of Wolf (2018)

In the first place, you will find a film called The Skin of Wolf with a drama genre. It stars Mario Casas and Irene Escolar as the main lead actors. In its release, the film premiered theatrically in Spain on March 9, 2018. Then, the film premiered in Seville European on November 3, 2017. Meanwhile, The Skin of Wolf was theatrically released in Spain in early 2018 on March 9.

After premiering at the box office, the film received much attention. As a result, digital platforms such as Netflix show this film. Just four months away, this film was released on July 6, 2018, with a Netflix license. Audiences can witness the fascinating story of an animal trapper in the mountains of Spain to secure a wife. You can watch the role of Mario Casas Netflix with a subscription.

  1. The Photographer of Mauthausen (2018)

The film focuses on the Catalan prisoners in the Nazi Camp to steal negative photos of the violence there. The story is so sadistic and lifted from actual life. Also, it features Mario Casas as the leading lead actor and Richard Van Weyden. The Spanish biography film was released in 2018 with the joyous enthusiasm of fans. Then, this film is also aired on Netflix or other digital platforms.

  1. The Paramedic (2020)

Unable to face the tragic reality of being in a wheelchair, Angel becomes obsessed with the woman who abandoned him. In other words, the film The Paramedic has an evil and cruel revenge plot. It features Mario Casas Netflix and can also find several roles with other artists such as Déborah François and Guillermo Pfening. Also, the film was officially added to Netflix on September 16, 2020.

  1. The Occupant (2020)

An advertising executive stalks a new tenant at his former home with malicious motives. It features the main cast of Javier Gutierrez, Mario Casas, Ruth Diaz, and Bruna Cusi. The plot of the film has the genre of a tense thriller. In addition, this film is included in the Netflix version of independent movies. Thus, you can watch the whole movie since it was added to the digital media on March 25, 2020.

  1. The Innocent (2021)

An unpredictable murder takes a man into a world of intrigue and murder. At the same time, the leading role finds love and freedom. Yet, on the one hand, he has nightmares because of one phone call that changed his life significantly. With this in mind, the Innocent Mario Casas Netflix has been available on digital platforms since the film released on April 30, 2021.

All in all, many more films feature Mario Casas in the leading role. However, these five films became a must-watch. Casas worked as an actor. In this case, he played numerous roles from several genres, such as thriller, romance, drama, and crime movies. As a result, Marios Casas has become the most famous actor in Spain and worldwide.

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