5 New Netflix Horror Series To Welcome The Spooky Halloween Vibe

Halloween is around the corner, and people are starting to rejoice in many ways. Including watching the Netflix series after the success of the thriller serial, Squid game. The Squid Game is not the end of fun. There are several new Netflix horror shows to watch. One comes from the hyped Midnight mass to the horror story in No one gets out alive. Here is the list.

The New Chilling Series And Film From Netflix

1. No One Gets Out Alive

Released on 29 September 2021, the Netflix movie is straight-up a horror story. Under Santiago Mengini’s direction, the movie is an adaptation of the same-titled novel by Adam Nevill. The horror story takes place on the indescribable paranormal and supernatural activities that happen to a young immigrant.

The main character, Ambar is a woman that has to immigrate and rent a cheap house for her life in America. Christina Rodlo as the actress captures the scary vibe of the house as she has to stay and work to live. But, with the worsening dream and paranormal activities, she decides to move out. Unfortunately, her plan is disrupted by the more sinister events.

2. Midnight Mass

The new Netflix horror series that is being hyped is the midnight mass. The supernatural horror genre hit the mark as the series is directed by Mike Flanagan, the man behind the successful series The Haunting of Bly Manor. His work is pretty phenomenal, as he shows the ongoing questionable phenomenon in a secluded country village.

The community began to experience some unexplainable activities in the village as a young pastor replaced the senior one. During that time, a man named Riley that has spent his time in the chamber comes into the village. With the strong cult vibe and dark village images, the story picks up some unique and eerie atmosphere for Halloween.

3. The Guilty

The Guilty 2021 is a remake of The Guilty 2018, with Peter Sarsgaard, Ethan Hawke, and Riley Keough, the new Netflix horror movie that tells the dark side of first responders. Joe, a 911 operator, has to respond to a mysterious call from a disturbed lady. As he ignores it, the main character finds something weird and decides to investigate to find the woman.

4. The Chestnut Man

Spiced with a bit of psychological thriller, the Chestnut man adapted the scary story from the Soren Sveistrup novel. It tells a mysterious killer investigation which comes with a puzzling story for the audience. It is not an easy search since the only clue is a small doll made of match sticks. It is a Danish movie that was released on 29 September.

5. Kate

Kate is not a horror nor scary show. It is a story about a paid woman assassin known as Kate. The character is brilliantly portrayed by Mary Elizabeth Winstead. The not-new Netflix horror story shows her journey to kill a yakuza in Tokyo, Japan. Since then, everything goes awry with her being poisoned, and only has 24 hours to live.

The movie and series from Netflix fit the Halloween vibe. Some of them come with supernatural activities, including cult, gloomy fiction, the straight-up ghost story, to the action assassin movie. The September and October release has been a blessing since it gives a lot of color to the film industry.

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