Al Hayba Season 2 Netflix Release Date, Plot, And Cast

If you are a fan of Lebanese drama, Al Hayba is one of the recommended drama series you should watch in Lebanon. Season 1 was initially released during Ramadan 2017 produced by a Lebanese company. Later, the Al Hayba Series was picked up by Netflix and released with English subtitles. It also continued into the following season since it received a lot of attention. Here are the details of Al Hayba Season 2 Netflix.

The Plot

After the success of the first season, Al Hayba continued his story in the second season. For the second season, more context for the Sheikh Al Jabal family is provided. You will also see Adel alive and Sultan Sheikh Al Jabal more (Jabal and Adel’s father). The entirety of season 2 occurs before Adel’s death, and Jabal and Alia’s encounter occurs.

The story converges on a fictional Arab Clan member, Sheikh Al Jabal, who seeks all the hiding tracks between Lebanon and Syria. The family had a long past fight among different influential families, the Saeed Clan in Hayba village. The two families at Al Hayba Season 2 Netflix constantly struggle against each other with growing conflict.

In the second season, Jabal’s father (Sultan Sheikh Al Jabal) and his brother (Adel Sheikh Al Jabal – Alia’s husband) provide context for feudal and inter-family strife. After the assassination of Sultan Sheikh Al Jabal on the day of Jabals’ wedding to Maryam, he thought that Saeed orchestrated the assassination plot so that his brother Adel killed Suleiman Saeed.

The families sparked a bloody war that ended in a truce due to the protracted conflict. It is overcome on the condition that Jabal marries Suleiman Saeed’s daughter, Sumaya. As a result, Maryam was devastated and decided to go abroad because of the shock. In addition, Jabal was caught smuggling and served two years in prison.

The Cast

In the Al Hayba Season 2 Netflix, you will find names who will play several characters in Al Hayba 2. These include Taim Hasan, who plays Jabal, Muna Wassef (Nahed Imran), Mkhallalati (Sakher Oweiss) and many other actors who reappear in season 2. You will find a new actress featured in season 2, such as Jabal’s first love, Valerie Abou Chacra.

The Release Date

Season 2 of Al Hayba was released during Ramadan 2018, airing on MBC in Arabic. Luckily, starting October 2018, the English subtitled version of Al Hayba Season 2 can be seen. You can watch it streaming on Netflix. There are several other language options if you want to watch this Lebanese drama series. It includes Spanish, Chinese and French subtitles.

Al Hayba season 2 has started airing on Thursday, May 17, 2018, in Lebanon. This is actually a drama produced initially been by the Lebanese Company. However, Netflix took over and streamed it worldwide from season one. Al Hayba Season 2 Netflix will soon air with a total of 30 episodes after season 1 ends. This continues to the next season with an even more exciting story.

Overall, you will find it easier to watch Al Hayba dramas. Netflix has taken over the series and is streaming it with several types of subtitles. Even though season 1 has just finished airing, you can expect season two to air on Netflix soon. Of course, this story will heat up with the conflict between the two families that never ends.

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