Amar A Muerte Netflix Release Date, Plot, And Cast

One of the most popular Mexican telenovelas, Amar a Muerte, was written by Venezuelan writer Leonardo Padrón. The series, starring Angelique Boyer and Michel Brown, can already be watched on Netflix’s online streaming. If you are curious about how this series is, read on for information about Amar a Muerte Netflix, such as the following review.

The Plot

The series is a complex tale of opposite fates when a media magnate, Leon Carvajal, is stabbed on his wedding day. At the same time, an assassin, Macario El Chino Valdez, was also executed in the electric chair. Later, Leon is reincarnated in El Chino Valdez, and his soul ends up in the body of an anthropology professor, Beltran Camacho, due to a car accident.

Leon, who was in El Chino’s body, left his family and immigrated to Mexico. After that, he got a new identity named Jacobo Reyes. To make a living, he starts working as a driver at his house with Camilo’s help. Having died just like that in the Amar A Muerte Netflix, Leon is trying to find out who was responsible for his death.

He will take this second chance to fix the problem and the mystery of his death. It starts with making Lucia fall in love with him to find out the truth behind his death. Meanwhile, El Chino, who is now in Beltran’s body, will have the opportunity and chance to raise a family to be a good father along with husband.

He would also use the new body to gain other advantages. He tried to defeat the leaders of the drug cartels in the original place he worked while still alive in his original body. Then, Beltran or Chino will also get help from a fraud expert guide who claims to have the power to talk to the dead. In this scene, the plot of Amar A Muerte Netflix gets complicated and fascinating.

The Cast Details

This Mexican drama series is played by several famous names. You’ll find Main Michel Brown playing Macario El Chino Valdés or León Carvajal and Jacobo Reyes. Meanwhile, there are other names, namely Angelique Boyer as Lucía Borges, Alejandro Nones as Johny Corona, and also Arturo Barba as Beltrán Camacho or Macario El Chino Valdés.

The Release Date

Principal photography for the series began on June 14, 2018, and ended in December. It premiered on Univision on October 29, 2018, and ended the following year. In Mexico, this series is aired with a total of 87 episodes. For watching on Netflix itself, there is still no clear explanation and detail statement. Possibly, the Amar A Muerte Netflix series is to be announced soon.

All in all, this drama series focuses on the leading roles to find out their deaths. This is not the only problem because Leon or Jacobo must avoid another problem being discovered as El Chino Valdez by the police. Beltran or Chino must find his body and live his everyday life again. Meanwhile, Leon tries to protect his real family from the criminals who are after him.

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