Anatoly Moskvin Documentary Netflix Release Date, Plot, And Cast

In Russia, the mention of Anatoly Moskvin’s name still causes horrified reactions among its citizens. Not even a few people call his name a monster, psycho, and grave robber. This is why the Anatoly Moskvin Documentary Netflix was created to explain it. But who exactly is this name called by horror and disgust? Read on for the following information!

The Plot

This documentary is arguably the scariest ever that you will see. It is a true story of a gravedigger who turns a child’s body into a doll. A film boss working on a blockbuster depicts the real-life story of a gravedigger in real life. He turned many children’s bodies, about 150 children’s bodies, into dolls.

Police even found 29 human dolls when they raided Moskvin’s residence. Mad body thief Anatoly Moskvin destroys the coffins of 150 girls ranging in age from three to 12. After stealing it, he assembled it into a doll. In addition, Anatoly Moskvin Documentary Netflix also dressed the stolen corpse-like children in general.

In other words, this is a scary documentary because it involves people who have died. During the screening of this film, all the journeys and terrible stories of Anatoly Moskvin are explained. She even dresses the dead children in stockings, girls’ clothes, knee-length boots, and other attributes to make them look like dolls.

Most cringy, he even applied lipstick and makeup to their faces. Then, with a chilling touch, he shoved the music box into their ribs. The crazy man also performs a strange ritual by marking the birthday of every victim in his bedroom. It was done at his home in Nizhny Novgorod, central Russia.

The Cast

A team of Hollywood writers and directors has turned a curvy story into a terrifying script to become Anatoly Moskvin Documentary Netflix. He made a narration of the true story in a documentary. In the story, he will tell the terrible incident while showing pictures of the Moskvin Anatology. It shows that from the beginning of Moskvin Anatology started his habits until the police arrested him. 

To give an accurate picture of this scary story, Director Michael Leo Centi made the documentary. The character who starred himself as Anatoly Moskvin as a psychopath who dug up children’s graves. The name Olga Chardymova mentioned in the film documentary, which is a corpse dressed as a children’s doll.

The Release Date

As reported on the page, this documentary was released in January 2021. The release area is in the United States with English. This Glamboy Production documentary still doesn’t know when it will premiere on Netflix. But the gruesome story caught the attention of loyal Netflix viewers. Therefore, you can look forward to Anatoly Moskvin Documentary Netflix coming soon.

All in all, this documentary focuses on the story of a vile man, Anatoly Moskvin. Because of his strange attitude, Moskvin had to be arrested by the police and through an investigation into the desecration of the grave. However, due to a mental disorder, he had to be released from court. This aspect is also why Director Michael Leo Centi’s documentary was made.

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