Army Of Thieves Plot, Cast, And Release Date – The Prequel Of Army Of The Dead

The last Zack Snyder’s Army Of The Dead Netflix original movie left viewers with a lot of questions. Why did the zombie apocalypse happen in Las Vegas? And what with that unsatisfying ending? But, the director has already prepared the prequel that shifts the focus to the more thrilling heist. Army of Thieves is supposed to craft the more normal heist story before the zombie.

The Plot

Is it a prequel or the sequel of the Army of the Dead movie? Many question the trailer since the director and the similar name of the two movies. But apparently, the story is supposed to be the prequel of the Zack’ Snyder zombie heist blockbuster. The plot was said to be an event that happened several years before the war against the intelligent undead.

It was mentioned by Snider that the movie will have fewer zombies and be safer. It is also considered a spin-off with a glimpse of the zombie outbreak. However, the lack of zombies does not make the movie less memorable. It is jam-packed with the stereotypical heist movies that group up different individuals with specific skills.

The story will follow Dieter, a safecracker that is hired to join a huge heist of cracking the most impossible safes around Europe. Along with other characters, the Army of Thieves is a more comedic, strategic, and fun-looking work. It also captures some fan services that show some backstories to every character on the Army Of The Dead.

While there is no zombie, the story does not lose Zack Snyder’s magic. It has a lot of vibrant tricks that make the movie. It is rather a fresh intake from the horror month. At the same time, the comedic relief and the old-fashioned genre film simply hit the mark. It will make one of the highly anticipated action movies at the end of 2021.

The Release Date

Netflix has the official announcement that includes the trailer, cast, and release date. In this case, the Army of Thieves is set to be released on 29 October 2021 on Netflix. The heist movie takes a similar and predictable course but with a glimpse of Snyder touch in it, which makes it great to wait. It also means that you can expect extreme action going on.

The Cast

It is not a surprise if the casts are pretty familiar with Zack Snyder. As a writer along with Noemie Nakai as director, Snyder put Matthias Schweighofer as Ludwig Dieter. The robbery mastermind, Gwendoline is played by Nathalie Emmanuel. Some other members are Guz Khan, Stuart Martin, Ruby O fee, Peter Simonischek, and Jonathan Cohen. The international cast for the Army of Thieves is the same concept as the previous movie.

Many people have been fascinated with the bizarre Army of the Dead movie. But, the prequel with the shifting focus makes a huge premise for the Zack Snyder universe. Even though it does not hold any novel idea about criminal heists, it is still worth finding out. It is also a prequel to mass zombification blockbuster. Thus, no one knows where it is going.

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