Blood On Her Badge Netflix Release Date, Plot, And Cast

Blood On Her Badge is a crime story based on actual events. The film tells the story of a young police officer Dee Johnson who falls in love with a young man. Is this movie showing on Netflix? How does this film continue? Please read the following information about Blood on Her Badge Netflix, release date, cast, and plot in detail!

Blood On Her Badge: Plot

Blood on Her Badge is one of the American Crime Films (2020) unique stories. Played by many actors, such as Tequan Richmond, Rayven Symone Ferrell, Liz Benoit, the story is more complicated when viewed as a whole. You might be surprised to see the storyline from this film taken from a true story into a Blood on Her Badge film.

This film tells the true story of an energetic and charismatic young cop, Dee Johnson. Her dark story begins when she falls in love with a younger man. As life goes well, Dee begins to choose the most dangerous path in her life. As a result, his easily swayed personality turns his objectivity in his daily life into a bad state.

Without a perfect stand, this Blood on Her Badge Netflix movie represents Dee letting herself get carried away by her lover and makes her life story sad. His story gets more complex as he begins to let his girlfriend take control of his life. As a result, this makes Dee easily manipulated by her lover. In addition, this also resulted in a tragic impact for both.

Blood On Her Badge: Cast

The Blood on Her Badge cast consists of several talented actors. It is played by Tequan Richmond, Liz Benoit, and Rayven Symone Ferrell, who is inspired by true stories. In this case, the characters provide pretty good roles according to the characters in the film. Not only that, but you will also find the names of other stars when watching this Blood on Her Badge Netflix.

Names such as Johnell Young, Tetona Jackson, and Richard Brooks also star. Also, the film is written by Scott Mullen and managed by Kenn Michael with a definite casting from Leah Daniels Butler. Blood on Her Dadge was produced by The Asylum with executive producer David Rimawi, producer David Michael Latt, and co-producer Paul Bales to support making the film.

Blood On Her Badge Netflix Release Date

As is well known, the film, directed by Kenn Michael, is a type of crime thriller film. It was initially released in November 2020, but it’s not too late to see what the hype is if you want to have some fun. This film has received a lot of attention from some people, has Blood On Her Badge Netflix been released and can be watched through this streaming service?

Overall, there are plenty of great movies to hit the screens in 2020, and Blood on Her Badge is one of them. Even though it received a lot of praise and discussion, it seems that you will have to be patient because this film is not yet available on Netflix anywhere, including the USA. If you want to watch this movie, please follow up on the development of the newest update regarding the movie release on Netflix.

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