Blue Is the Warmest Color Netflix Release Date, Cast, And Plot

A romance film directed by Abdellatif Kechiche, Blue Is the Warmest Color, focuses on a French teenager Adèle (Exarchopoulos). She seeks a desire for a French teenager who finds passion and freedom from the romance she is experiencing. What is the plot and continuation of Blue Is the Warmest Color Netflix story? Here is the info for you!

Blue Is the Warmest Color Netflix Release Date

The film premiered at the 66th Cannes Film Festival in 2013 on 23 May. Having received the highest ratings in critics’ polls at the festival, in August 2013, the film aired in America. Thus, the film has a lot of special attention from various regions in America. Then, on October 9th, it was commercially released by the French Wild Bunch.

Blue Is The Warmest Color was lauded as a great film thanks to the emotional performance of its main character Adèle Exarchopoulos. To watch the movie is currently not available for streaming from platforms like Netflix in the US but can be found on DirecTV if you subscribe. Chances are, this film will be shown in the future if it has a lot of requests from loyal Netflix viewers.

If you want to rent or buy a DVD of this film, don’t worry, because you can find it easily online. Even though Blue Is the Warmest Color Netflix film’s critical acclaim, its release was overshadowed by controversy. Even so, this film still gets a lot of attention today thanks to the twists and turns of teenagers looking for freedom in their careers and love stories.

Blue Is the Warmest Color: Cast

Adèle Exarchopoulos plays Adèle who falls in love with blue-haired art student Emma (Léa Seydoux). While studying at school, the two began a passionate relationship. Furthermore, you can also find Salim Kechiouche, who plays Samir. Aurélien Recoing will play Adle’s father and Catherine Salée as Adle’s mother.

Blue Is the Warmest Color: Plot

Being an introverted 15-year-old high school student, one-day, Adèle meets a woman with short blue hair in the Blue Is the Warmest Color Netflix. After having vivid fantasies of women, she saw them on the street, and she sensed something was wrong with her sexual orientation. Wildly when one of her female friends kissed her, she was even more confused by that personality.

Knowing this, a friend who is openly LGBT, Valentine, invites her to go to a lesbian bar. But in this bar, it seems that a group of women sitting there has bullied her. Luckily, another blue-haired woman, Emma, ​​tries to defend herself and says that Adèle is her cousin and [protect her from the other. 

Starting from this meeting at the bar, the romance between Adele and Emma is getting more complex. It begins as a couple who have a dialectical and complicated love journey. Egos that are not managed emotionally and spiritually become obstacles for this lesbian couple. As a result, this Blue Is the Warmest Color Netflix does not end with a happy ending.

Overall, this film became famous thanks to its emotionally draining story. The twists and turns of the love journey of the two provide a special attraction for the audience. If you are curious about the continuation of the story, it can be rented through a well-known online platform. It’s still not available on Netflix anytime soon. But you can expect this film to be shown on this platform quickly.

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