Christmas Flow Season 1 Release Date, Plot, And Cast

Romantic comedy stories have always been one of the most loved stories of many people. The story gives you butterflies and makes you addicted to watching. So, with Christmas right around the corner, Netflix has revealed the series about a love comedy movie entitled Christmas Flow. Becoming a French series, Netflix releases the trailers to attract viewers worldwide. Here is some information for you!

The Plot

Netflix is back with a foreign language series with the original title Arranjo de Natal. The French series is a famous genre of romantic comedy with a unique plot. The story follows two a, Marcus and Lila, who always meet by accident. The series is more telling as a love story that starts from hate at first sight. It doesn’t make sense because from the start they hate each other.

This series tells the story of Marcus, a famous rapper, but the lyrics are about women who cause conflict. He was denounced as misogynistic and promoting violence against women. Marcus must be held responsible by coming to court and paying a fine for his actions in this Christmas Flow serial. Then, he must find a way to save his career and make a Christmas album.

Also, on the other side, you will find the tenacious and optimistic journalist character, Lila. She works for an activist digital magazine sponsored by two friends to promote feminism. Of course, that’s where the spell of hate, at first sight, comes from. However, apart from the interesting dynamics, Christmas Stream is also one of the centerpieces of this series’ story to hide the real problem.

The Cast Details

This comedy series will feature acclaimed artists such as Shirine Boutella and Tayc in the lead roles. They will be instrumental in following a highly unlikely romance storyline between a famous rapper and a journalist. The Christmas Flow story is unique between the lovers from opposite professions. Even so, the actor who plays it deserves the story to be told well and properly.

Apart from these actors’ names, there are also other roles that play a character in this French comedy romance series. Some notable names include Tayc as Marcus, Camille Lou as Mel, Aloise Sauvage as Jeanne, Walid Ben Mabrouk as Zak, Marion Seclin as Alice, Sadek as Verno, Estelle Meyer as Safia, and Sebastien Corona as Responsable Galeries.

The Release Date

Netflix does have plans to release several Christmas-themed films ahead of the special day. One that will decorate the Netflix screen in Season 1 from the title Christmas Flow. It airs on November 17, 2021, which has a romantic-comedy theme. In addition, the Christmas theme displayed in this series is also more modern and attractive.
Overall, this film depicts opposites that attract each other since the lovers in this series are different from each other. This comedy series will feature a highly unlikely love story between a famous rapper and a journalist. What are the chances that it could happen between the two? Will the two put aside their differences and follow their heart? Stay tuned to find out the details!

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