Dear Mother Netflix Movie Release Date, Plot, And Cast Details

Bringing foreign movie to the global screen is what Netflix do nowadays. And those that are excited about the October release will find another amazing dramedy French film that originated in 2020, Dear Mother. After about a year, the absurd comedy film about a man with a non-beating heart will shock the Netflix audience on 29 October 2021. Here are some details to learn.

The Plot

Before you watch it, the movie is pretty much hit a different button on the cinematic realm. It complies some unique ridiculous humor around the life of Jean-Louis. The France language movie hit the mark and steal people’s attention as its sole plot. Louis is a man that found his heart stop beating. But with miracles and weird situations, he still functions as a normal human.

He is not dead or anything, which makes it quite exciting to follow till the end. The story will follow his effort to dig deeper to unravel his mysterious situation. His friend and family are ready to help him, but anything can go wrong in a beat. Dear Mother also capture the oedipal and mid-life crisis issues that led him to do great taboo to make his heartbeat again.

The situation goes worst as he had to do many weird things and do the unthinkable in three days. The three days deadline was meant he will die for not doing the deed. And the best of all, he has to do something to his mother who he hasn’t spoken for the past few years. All make sense and are surprisingly suitable with the name.

The Release Date

Originated as a French indie movie that was released on 29 October 2020, the movie itself is a big hit during its release. The absurd joke, comedy-drama, and some touching moments make the film reach Netflix a year later, 29 October 2021. Dear Mother itself was released in France and Belgium but does not make a lot of profit due to the rampaging pandemic situation.

The Cast Details

The movie comes with some high-end actors on the screen. Lauren Lafitte plays the lead role (Jean Louise) which also the director of the movie. Some other casts are Vincent Macaigne (Michel Verdoux), Helene Vincent (Brigitte Bordier), Nicole Garcia (Margaux), Karin Viard (Valerie Bordier), Judith El Zein, Pauline Clement, And Luca Malinowski.

There are also other names such as Juliette Bettencourt, Benout Dupac, Gregory Gaule, Claudette walker, and Jean Claude. With the number of casts on the screen and solid screen writing by Lafitte, the French movie Dear Mother is one of a ride. You can expect to join the 1hour 38-minute journey on Netflix.

Another hit made out of the foreign film hit Netflix at the end of October 2021. In this movie, the audience will follow the weird situation in which the main character found his heart stop beating but still function as a human. The comedy and heart-touching moment make the story hit the mark for the sad, unique, and a little bit creepy moment of Halloween.

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