Dracula Untold Netflix Release Date, Cast, And Plot

Dracula Untold is a 2014 American fantasy action film directed by Gary Shore. It became a reboot of the Dracula film series that created an origin story for the titular character. In this adaptation, Dracula becomes the monster alter ego of the historical figure Vlad III. How is the plot of the Dracula Untold Netflix film? If you are curious, read the following information.

Dracula Untold Netflix Release Date

The film’s filming, which began in Northern Ireland on August 5, 2013, took almost a year to complete. After several months of making the film, Universal Pictures released the movie in regular theaters and IMAX on October 10, 2014. From the film’s release, Dracula Untold grossed $217 million worldwide.

If you want to watch this movie, then don’t worry. There are many ways that you can choose to watch Dracula Untold easily. You can take advantage of online streaming services such as Netflix. Dracula Untold Netflix has been available in the UK, US, and more since 2019. You need to do a few simple steps to subscribe to Netflix to watch the movie.

Dracula Untold: Cast

Dracula Untold features amazing famous actors to portray the characters in it. One of the things you can know is Luke Evans as Vlad III or The Impaler, who is known as a vampire to protect his family. There’s also Sarah Gadon as Mirena, Vlad’s wife, Dominic Cooper as Sultan Mehmed II, and Gadon, who portrays Mina Murray as the ending in the future.

Not only that, but you will also find several actors, such as Charles Dance, who plays Master Vampire. He is the one who turns Vlad from a human into a vampire. In addition, there is also William Houston as Cazan, Vlad’s adviser. Not to forget, Dracula Untold Netflix shows the role of Vlad’s subordinates, namely Diarmaid Murtagh as Dumitru and Noah Huntley as Captain Petru.

Dracula Untold: Plot

The plot of this film focuses on Luke Evans’ character, who becomes Prince Vlad or a war hero. He was famous among the people of his kingdom for his peaceful leadership. But this must change after an invader demands his life in addition to his son’s. Vlad escapes to a cave he heard about and encounters a cursed Dracula.

Dracula offers Vlad his blood to turn him into one. He told Vlad that it would make him strong to fight his enemies with ease. In addition, he also suggested that if he could endure human blood for three days, Vlad would return to being an average human. It is where Vlad gets the power to help him win against his enemies.

One day, Vlad’s enemies kidnapped his son and pushed his wife from the castle walls. For that reason, his wife was dying, but he asked him to drink Vlad’s blood to turn into a super-strong human so that he could easily find their son. Dracula Untold Netflix continues the mission of releasing his kidnapped child.

At the end of the film’s plot, Vlad can find his son again and expose Dracula to the sun. It enabled them all to rot to death because of the day-star. However, someone protects Vlad from the sun and offers blood to keep him safe. In the end, Vlad didn’t die and continued his life.

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