Griselda Blanco Documentary Netflix Release Date, Cast, And Plot

As the Narcos Franchise on Netflix reaches its end, Netflix will lack cartel series. However, good news came out as a new cartel story that feels intriguing will appear as a Griselda Blanco Documentary Netflix. Of course, it is a good option for a thrilling story that resolves on the godmother of the cartel world. But how good will it be? Here is a bit of detail for you.

Griselda Blanco Documentary Release Date

Many people love and expect the new cartel series, but there is no official release date yet. Netflix just finished airing the long series of the Narcos franchise in November. So, a quick and early release of Griselda is pretty unlikely. However, there is a chance that the limited drama series of the cartel godmother’s documentary will drop in late 2020 or early 2023.

One sure thing is that the series will be filmed in two big cities in America, Miami, and Los Angeles. Again, there are no clear production dates. But the people behind the upcoming series, BTL production, imply s that the Griselda Blanco Documentary Netflix production has already run. But it is still unclear since some other sources pinpoint summer 2022 as the start of production.

Griselda Blanco Documentary Casts

Again, there is no confirmation about the limited Netflix series stars or casts. But, one positive confirmation goes to the Sofia Vergara name that will portray the cartel godmother Griselda. The Colombian-American actress is the only name attached to the project. Meanwhile, Eric Newman is the executive producer along with Doug Miro as the writer and producer.

Griselda Blanco Documentary Plot

As there is no official announcement regarding the cast and release date, fans also have little information about the synopsis. But, the Netflix logline shows some potential plot to follow. It is said that the documentary series will follow the Griselda chronicles as the ambitious Colombian cartel leader, hence the Griselda Blanco Documentary Netflix name arose.

According to the logline, it is easy to underline that the story will highlight the life of notorious cartel leader Griselda Blanco Restrepo. She is famous and known as the founder of one of the most profitable Colombian cartels in history. Due to her infamous reputation, she also has several pseudonyms such as Cocaine grandmother or Queen of Narco Trafficking.

She wasn’t part of the Narcos series lineup, but these documentary series prove how big her influence is in the world. She was a crime legend that will have six 50 minutes of Netflix episodes. The story will capture her reign at the top of the Medellin cartel. It also includes her life as the biggest drug trades owner in Miami from the 1980s to the 2000s. All in the Griselda Blanco Documentary Netflix limited series.

Considering how successful the cartel series Narcos is, you can expect the same thrilling story from this project. The same producer and writer are behind the new series project. So, you can have high expectations for it. Sofia Vergara is also confirmed to be the main character, which increases the hype for this new cartel series. Worth waiting.

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