Hannibal Rising Netflix Release Date, Cast, And Plot

Hannibal Rising is one of the thriller movies you need to consider watching. An adaption of Thomas Harris’s novel with the same title focuses on Lecter’s growth from a Nazi hunter to a cannibalistic serial murderer. Here are the details for Hannibal Rising Netflix release date, cast, and plot you need to know.

Hannibal Rising Netflix Release Date

The film, directed by Peter Webber, was shot at Barrandov Studios in Prague. It was released in France on February 7, 2007, as the film’s premiere. Meanwhile, in Italy, England, and the United States, it premiered on February 9, 2007. Theatrical distribution in the US also went smoothly as it grossed $82.2 million against a budget of $50 million.

Its popularity at the box office makes this film very popular with many people. Unfortunately, this movie is still not available on Netflix online streaming if you want to watch it. Even so, you can expect the film to be shown on Netflix in the future. If you can’t wait to watch Hannibal Rising Netflix, you can watch it on Amazon or buy it on Blu-ray.

Hannibal Rising: Cast

This film has a story full of surprises and cruelty thanks to the acting of the talented actors. You’ll find popular name such as Gaspard Ulliel played Hannibal Lecter and young Hannibal Lecter played by Aaran Thomas. In addition, there are several other famous names, namely Gong Li as Lady Murasaki, Dominic West as Inspector Pascal Popil, Rhys Ifans as Vladis Grutas, and Helena-Lia Tachovska, who plays Mischa Lecter.

Hannibal Rising: Plot

The film’s story begins with Hannibal Lecter, who is eight years old and lives in Lecter Castle in Lithuania. The German invasion of the Soviet Union turned the Baltic region into the bloodiest part of World War II. As the Hannibal Rising Netflix story begins, Lecter’s younger sister, Mischa, and their parents go to the lodge for a family hunting event in the forest.

After three years, the Nazis were finally expelled and reinstated by the Soviet Union. They destroy everything in their path during the retreat and stop at the Lecters’ cottage, searching for water. The explosion causes extensive damage and kills everyone except Lecter and Mischa. They stayed in the lodge until a Nazi collaborator, Vladis Grutas, stormed it.

Having found no other food in winter, the evil men stared at Lecter and Mischa with threatening eyes. After dealing with bullies, Lecter runs away to live with his aunt, Lady Murasaki, in Paris. While there, Lecter became a student, but he committed a crime. He saved the murder of a local butcher who insulted his aunt.

He is supposed of murder, but his aunt’s intervention makes Lecter escapes responsibility for the crime. Eventually, Lecter continued medical school and was given the job of preparing corpses. From this, Lecter intends to avenge the death of his family against the former criminals by his ability to dissect the body. Then, the Hannibal Rising Netflix becomes more gripping and challenging.

Overall, this film has a gripping story and plot. This can be seen from the cruelty of the Nazi group and also the criminals in the movie. The more complete, the film is also relatively sadistic and cruel. If you want to watch this thriller, you can hope it will soon be broadcast on online streamers such as Netflix.

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