Hellbound Netflix Series Release Date, Plot, and Cast

Netflix will again present the latest Korean series in mid-November with Hellbound. Being a work directed by Yeon Sang-Ho, this series is the most awaited by drama lovers. The story will be very thrilling because most of them show otherworldly creatures. So, to get into all the details of the upcoming K-Series, here’s information about the Hellbound Netflix Series you need to know.

The Plot

This latest Netflix series is adapted from the popular Webtoon of the same title, Hellbound. Being a new Netflix thriller series, you will be treated to stories of otherworldly creatures that emerge from unexpected spots. Then, this will lead the individual to hell. This supernatural event causes even greater chaos. Especially with the influence of a religious group called The Truth.

In a trailer for this series, the audience will be treated to three supernatural creatures with terrible forms. His initial arrival suddenly appeared and began torturing a man. In his attempt to escape in the middle of a traffic jam, Hellbound Netflix Series shows the man was futile because the creature managed to catch him. Then, the mortal burned the man with his supernatural energy.

However, the presence of a group called The Truth has triggered some people to become suspicious. Especially with the activities carried out by the group and began to investigate his involvement in the mysterious event. So, what are the tragic events in the Netflix Series of Hellbound? You can find the answer through this series in mid-November.

The Cast

The main cast that has been announced so far includes Yoo Ah-in, Park Jeong-min, Kim Hyun-Joo, Won Jin-ah, and Yang Ik-Jun. In addition, there are also names of supporting cast members who appear in this Hellbound Netflix Series, including Ryu Kyung-soo, Lee Re, Kim Do-Yoon, Kim Shin-rok, and Im Hyung-guk. All the names of these actors have very brilliant achievements in Korean Drama.

If you ask who is the highlight of the main character, it can be seen clearly from the headline of this series. Yoo Ah-In will play Jung Jin Soo, a charismatic cult leader who creates a new religion. In this case, the mysterious organization gets the attention of Park Jeong-min playing Bae Young-Jae. He will conduct a detailed investigation of his role as a producer at a broadcasting station.

The Release Date

Hellbound is scheduled to show on Netflix in the middle of November, 19th. Ahead of its release, the series will premiere at the 2021 Toronto International Film festival. Being the first Korean drama to be screened at the event, the film has received much appreciation. In addition, the Hellbound Netflix series also launch the 26th Busan International Film Festival in October.

So far, Netflix has released one teaser as the basic premise of the series. In the clip, you can see a very nervous man being attacked by a strange creature who chases the man into the street and burns him to death. With a unique and thrilling story, will there be more trailers to be released? You’ll probably find out when you get close to the premiere of this thriller series.

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