Hit & Run Season 1 Release Date, Plot, And Cast

Netflix is ​​back with a brand-new original series from producers The Killing and Fauda. This show promises an action series full of tense twists. It features the story of a man who seeks the truth behind his wife’s death in a dangerous secret web that stretches from New York to Tel Aviv. What are the details of the plot, cast, and release date of Hit and Run Season 1? Check the following information!

The Plot

The story of this film focuses on Segev Azulai and his happy family. It consists of three people, namely his American wife Danielle and their daughter Ella. The main character of this film works as a tour guide, and Danielle is a dancer. In the first episode, the audience will be presented with Danielle who gets an audition call from a reputable dance studio in New York.

At first, everyone seemed fine like any other normal family. Until Danielle got into a car accident on her way to the airport for her flight to New York. It is one of the reasons why her husband and daughter are so devastated. But there was more than just a car accident at Hit and Run Season 1 because Segev knew it was a premeditated murder.

The particular fact made him angry and took revenge to find out the mastermind behind the case of his wife’s death. So began his search to find out the perpetrators of his wife and family. Segev did everything he could to get justice. In the process, he encounters some truths about his late wife Danielle that shake him to his core beliefs.

The Cast

In this series, you will see some great performances by famous actors. The realistic acting of each of them makes you the same range of emotions they experience. The plot that is told is also interesting to see. In addition, in each episode, there is a surprising plot twist. It is supported by actors who play Hit and Run Season 1 well.

Throughout the series, you’ll encounter several key characters, including Segev’s young daughter (Neta Orbach), the cousin of an Israeli police detective (Moran Rosenblatt), and an old friend played by Gal Toren, former fire reporter Sanaa Lathan. In addition to these names, there are also other names Gregg Henry, Igal Naor Lior Ashkenazi, and Kevin Mambo also appear in the series.

The Release Date

If you want to know more details about the series, it is available to stream exclusively on Netflix. It is because this series has started airing last Friday, 6 August. The series is ready on Netflix all over the country. You can watch this exciting series with nine episodes. Due to the exciting action story, Hit and Run Season 1 is in the top 10 most-watched Netflix.

Overall, this series is filled with fascinating plots. Each episode ends with a surprising twist with a new angle to whatever happened until now. Season 1 ended with another shocking meltdown for Segev, and his story just got more and more curious. Will this continue with season 2 and solve the mystery code behind the first season? Just wait!

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