How Many Episodes Of HXH Are On Netflix? Check Out These Information!

Fans of the Hunter x Hunter anime series will be pleased to know if their favorite series is live on online streaming platforms. It’s been reported that the last two seasons have just arrived on Netflix after rescheduling and broadcast delays – how many episodes of HXH are on Netflix now? Check out the detailed information below.

Hunter X Hunter on Netflix Release Date

After a long wait since it first premiered on Netflix, another season of Hunter X Hunter is coming to Netflix soon. Initially, the anime series would be released on July 1st, but they have pushed back the broadcast schedule to only the United States. Hunter X Hunter is a Japanese anime sequel adapted from Yoshihiro Togashi’s manga creation. 

If you asked when Hunter X Hunter seasons 5 and 6 come to Netflix? Don’t worry, and the next HXH season set will be airing soon. If you check the Netflix App and search the search engine, you’ll find a notification confirming that the new season is airing on Netflix on July 1. In addition, many are asking how many episodes of HXH are on Netflix? You can check the apps.

Hunter X Hunter: Cast and Voice

Adapted from the famous Japanese manga, this anime series focuses on Gon Freecss. He is the son of a legendary hunter who is so popular. From that background, he dreams of becoming a legendary hunter too. Gon Freecss has all the aspects he needs to become the most excellent hunter in the world with potential, skills, and some firm friends. 

To show a good series, several voice actors are participating in the anime adaptation of this manga. You will find Zoldyck Killua, played by Ise Mariya. In addition, there is also the main character of this series whose voice is Saashiro Miyuki as Kurapika. Not to forget, Freecss Gon is voiced by Han Megumi Japanese.

Hunter X Hunter Episodes

How many episodes of HXH are on Netflix? The serial anime Japan that aired between October 2, 2011, and September 24, 2014, has quite a few episodes. It is because the Hunter X Hunter anime series consists of several seasons up to six seasons. Luckily, all seasons are already available on Netflix. It can be watched worldwide as Netflix has uploaded the entire Episode.

Netflix revealed that they recently added new episodes for seasons five and six to their library. You can see the detailed information when accessing the Netflix app to stream online. You can do this easily if you subscribe to this platform. As a result, you can enjoy Hunter X Hunter easily.

If you’re new to this anime series, then don’t be surprised by the number of episodes on offer. Thus, how many episodes of HXH are on Netflix will be airing soon? The answer is over seventy episodes of the Shonen series that have become one of the greatest. But if you add it as a whole, you will be presented with 148 episodes in total.

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