Jung Ho Yeon – The Rising Star In Instagram After Squid Game Worldwide Success

Not even a year passed after the release of the South Korean Netflix movie, Squid Game, the rising star Jung ho Yeon has started to climb her popularity. The model turns into an actress who gains a lot of respect and recognition through her phenomenal acting as a North Korean girl that is under huge debt. Her act has made her into the most popular South Korean actress on Instagram.

The Massive Popularity Boom beating Song Hye Kyo 

As of Monday (4/10/2021), the Instagram account of this beautiful model has been increasing in popularity. The significant difference comes from the number of followers that peak up to more than 20 million people. The news also stated that her Instagram account follower counts have surpassed Song Hye Kyo’s position.

Currently, Song Hye Kyo has been number two in position as the South Korean actress with the most followers. However, after a few hours of the news, the actress that plays Kang Sae Byeok has positioned herself as the winner. It shows that her current updated follower count has reached about 20,1 million followers (Thursday, 14/10/2021).

The number of Jung Ho Yeon’s followers has beat another huge South Korean actress record, Lee Sung Kyung. It shows that Ho Yeon’s account has reached the first position that beat Lee Sung Kyung’s follower count’s 13 million. The great success itself explains how phenomenal the movie is nationally and internationally.

Jung Ho Yeon
Jung Ho Yeon Followers Instagram. (source: instagram.com/hoooooyeony)

New Account Form 400K To 20M Followers 

The grand surge of followers of Ho Yeon’s Instagram is pretty scary to say. Before her appearance in the thriller movie, her account’s follower number only peaks up around 400K people. But, after the booming worldwide success, her popularity shows how big the movie has created a huge trend in the world.

Not only her, but the other actors from the movie also follow her success on Instagram. Jung Ho Yeon’s fellow actors, Park Hae Soo and Lee Jung Jae have started their verified accounts on this social media. While the two older men are more superior in terms of acting, they are both new to Instagram. It later comes with a great welcome from the girl.

About The Worldwide Success Game  

The movie itself is a thriller, drama, and survival type of movie. It shows the life of the main character Seong Gi-hun (Lee Jung-Jae) who is currently a Neet. His miserable life is filled with debt and hardship. Since he has nothing to fight for, he found a man that offers him a secret survival game with a 45.6 billion won prize for the winner.

Being desperate, he decides to take part in the unknown survival game. In the Squid Game, he meets with his sworn brother Cho Sang-Woo (Park Hae-Soo) and Kang Sae Book (Jung Ho Yeon). Together with the other 455 contestants, he has to face some bizarre Korean children’s games that come with win-or-death situations.

Following the success of the movie, the pretty model Ho Yeon has started to see the better light. Her phenomenal acts along with her beautiful face have stolen people’s attention during the movie. Thus, creating a huge wave of popularity. Hopefully, she did get a better career opportunity in the future following her success in this thriller movie.

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