Karakuri Circus Netflix Release Date, Cast, And Plot

Anime provides a lot of characters because of their ability in any fictional setting. Karakuri Circus Netflix is the perfect choice if you don’t want to miss out on the incredible action. This Japanese series centers on a boy and a kung fu master who fights war robots. What is the release date, cast, and plot of this anime series? Here is the information for you!

Karakuri Circus Netflix Release Date

Karakuri Circus is a Japanese manga series illustrated by anime artist Kazuhiro Fujita. It is serialized by Shogakukan’s Weekly Sunday magazine periodically by volume. The chapters were compiled into 43 books from July 1997 to June 2006. The success of these illustrations led to it being a television anime adaptation by Studio VOLN.

Karakuri Circus was adapted into an anime series that lasted for 36 episodes. So the release date of this series is from October 2018 to June 2019. Such extraordinary enthusiasm makes this series so popular among fans. As a result, in December 2018, Karakuri Circus Netflix was launched as a mobile game. At the same time, the series was also run by a stage play in January 2019.

Many anime fans love this series because of its unique story. All projects regarding the series were a huge success. Even in 2018, the Karakuri Circus manga had a circulation of over 15 million copies. This figure is quite fantastic for a Japanese anime series at that time. No wonder Karakuri Circus became a popular series that aired on online platforms such as Netflix.

Karakuri Circus: Cast

This anime series presents a boy named Masaru Saiga who inherits a large amount of wealth and wishes to become a mastermind. In addition, there is a character named Narumi Kato, who is a kung fu expert. However, the main characters in Karakuri Circus Netflix suffer from the strange Zonapha syndrome (a disease that stops his breathing except for making people laugh).

Karakuri Circus: Plot

The plot of this anime series focuses on the story of Masaru Saiga, Narumi Kat, and Shirogane in carrying out a big mission. They try to make circus, Karakuri, and alchemy puppet arrangements. At first, the story follows the story of Masaru’s father passing away, leaving behind such a vast legacy (18 billion yen). At the same time, his uncle and half-brother want to harm Masaru to steal money.

Coincidentally, Narumi Kat, who experiences Zonapha, saves Masaru from his uncle’s evil with help from Shirogane. As the story goes, an old disaster evolves to numerous origins of the Automatons, Shirogane, and the Zonapha syndrome. The people of the Nakamachi Circus and Shirogane team work together to save the world.

Karakuri Circus Netflix continues with the main character joining forces to fight against the automated mannequin robots. Also, it is done to save the world from the Zonapha syndrome, endangering the planet. The events triggered by the Narumi arc provide an engaging plot. On Netflix’s full story Karakuri Circus, sometimes directly affect each other.

All in all, this film has an enthralling story and plot. You can see from the act of Masaru and Narumi in saving the world from the dangerous Zonapha syndrome. The more complete, the film is also relatively thrilling. If you want to watch this anime series, you can hope it will soon be broadcast on Netflix online streamers worldwide.

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