Little Big Mouth Netflix Movie Release Date, Cast & Plot

The story of musician, love, and family brought to the screen by the streaming platform Netflix in the comedy film, Little Big Mouth. The story focuses on the life of an alcoholic and free-soul musician that is kicked out from his band. Facing the real truth of being homeless, the playful guitarist encounters the old friend that is willing to help and heal his life.

The Release Date

Released on Netflix on 22 October 2021, the film is a perfect Friday night family film. The drama, comedy, and romantic film take a light story of a guitarist that has to face the harsh life after being kicked from his band. At a later stage, he met with his old friend and family to continue living plus start again his live career.

It is a touching story that is directed by Ziggy and Gray Hofmeyr, the duo that successfully made an impactful movie “Louw Venter”. It is now out on Netflix.  and you can enjoy the fun ride of Siya’s playful antics as a guitarist, a strict Mel, and the mischievous nine years old Luke. It is a heartwarming story with ups and downs that will get you on a 1 hour 34-minute ride.

The Cast And Characters

Bringing an impactful character in the movie is something that you need to consider. The little big mouth gathered such a huge name, such as Amanda Du-Pont who is playing as Ashley, the main Role of Shadow. Nay Maps also appears as Siya who is the playful and unbothered guitarist. Du-pont will play as Mel who is a strict mother of nine years old boy, Luke.

In this movie, the mischievous boy will be played by Brady Hofmeyr. You will also find james Borthwick as Frank, the grandfather that always helps Luke to get rid Siya from his home. Some other cast to look at are Charlie Bouguenono, Gray Hofmeyr, Georgia-Ann Alp, and Elzabe Zietsman as the supporting characters.

The Little Big Mouth Plot

The story highlights the life of guitarist Siya and Mel. They first met in a wedding gig, which Siya ruined with his crazy drunk antics during his band performance. Due to that, the band should perform without getting paid. They later kick Siya out since he keeps making the same mistakes, his unapologetic attitude, and unprofessionalism.

After he goes out on a cold, he meets Mel outside and hits it off. Mel offers him a place to live until he finds a new job and house. However, their relationship turns into a romance which is highly unaccepted by her son Luke. Luke and Frank later decide to make many attempts to get rid of Siya. It turns into a hilarious scene with Siya’s unbothered, playful, and humorist nature.

As one of the heartwarming movies, the Little Big Mouth brings a lot of meaning to family and connection. The breathtaking music and comedy touch make the film even more charming for audiences in all age ranges. The message of accepting difference, fault, and helping each other is pretty strong in this film. Thus, making it a perfect movie to watch on family’s Friday’s night.

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