Mushi-Shi Netflix Release Date, Cast, And Plot

Boasting the collection of masterpieces, Netflix is also a home of anime lovers’ legal streaming platforms. Among those number of collections, many people are pretty curious whether they can find Mushi-Shi Netflix or not. Surprisingly, the award-winning anime series is available on the international streaming platform. Here are the details.

Mushi-Shi Release date

Released on October 23, 2005, the anime series blasted the anime genre with its unique visual and storytelling. The first season composes 20 episodes with Ginko as the main character. The man, who is pretty much the traveler shaman will show his daily life in handling spirits and helping people. It also has five more extra episodes.

The episodic anime series is considered a fresh breath in the anime community, even though it is an adaptation from the same-named manga series by Yuki Urushibara. The seinen manga eventually aired in Fuji Television and BS Fuji from October 2005 to June 2006. It also has many other licensing that allows it to appear on Netflix.

With its succession on the first seasons, the anime series gain its second phase in 2014. The second season is released from April to December 2014 with ten episodes. Mushi-Shi Netflix also appears with the third season that has ten episodes. With that said, the total episodic of this mystery and historical anime episode is around 46 in total.

Mushi-Shi: Cast & Voices

Aside from the scenic episodic story and award-winning adaptation, the anime is also glimmering with its high-tier VAs (voice actors). The main character Ginko is voiced by Yuto Nakano. Since it is an episodic series, every episode comes with new characters and actors. Some of the voices are Yuuji Ueda, Maaya Sakamoto, Kaori Nazuka, Kenji Hamada, Ayaka Saitou, and many more.

Mushi-Shi: Plot

Due to its manga popularity, the anime series has gathered positive reviews and feedback from an international audience. It is especially true especially when it reaches international streaming platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll, and many more. Mushi-Shi Netflix season 1 is available on the platform for free.

Why does anime so popular? Despite using an episodic design, each episode of Mushi-shi is a worth touching and unique story. The plot is pretty unique since it follows Ginko, a man who can handle Mushi and help solve its problem in the supernatural realm. The supernatural Mushi are neither plants nor animals, which create a sense of mystery.

It also has a different form that makes it far from a living organism. That is why Mushi resembles the primeval body of life, which people call a ghost. Here, the story follows Ginko who can travel, investigate, and find more information about the Mushi. As he handles the ghostly problem, he also helps many people with supernatural issues. The simple and unique Mushi-Shi Netflix is worth watching.

As an award-winning series, Mushi-shi comes with heavy yet refreshing storytelling. It attracts viewers to witness the dreamlike worlds with supernatural organism “Mushi” giving a deep meaning of perception and life. It is full of professional VAs and breathtaking animation by Artland, Hiroshi Nagahama, and 56 victorious episodes.

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