Mythomaniac Season 2 Netflix Film Release Update, Plot, And Cast

The 2019 French-language television series Mytho is finally getting a green light for the second season. The successful Netflix release for the first season led to the second season announcement after two years of waiting. The Mythomaniac season 2 is ready to hit the streaming screen at the end of October 2021, the 29th. Here is what you can expect from the incoming season.

The Release Date

The long wait is finally over. The streaming platform giant has announced the official release date for the successful show. Mytho or Mythomaniac will hit the screen for its second season on Netflix on October 29, 2021. It’s been two years since the first one, so be sure to check out the previous story. Just like the previous season, the thrilling story will have six 45-minute episodes.

What can you find in the second season? Many speculations came out as the first one hit everyone’s heart with the final revelation. At the same time, the 45 minutes episodes are always filled with thrill, twist, turn, and melodrama. So, it is possible to expect a heavier intake in how Elvira will seek resolution for her white lies on the Mythomaniac season 2.

The Plot Synopsis

The six episodes of the first season caught a lot of people’s attention. The plot and story are pretty simple, which explains the title itself. Mythomaniacs take a huge spotlight on a harmful lying habit. In this case, the story takes a perspective of a committed mother and loyal wife, Elvira, that has become exhausted with her unimpressive and mistreated life.

Her family does not take enough care of her. Her husband cheating, her oldest daughter is on the rebellious stage, the second one is transgender, and the last one is a shut-in. Her life turns 180ᵒ after her white lies snowballed and come with heavier inevitable consequences. All happen after she tells her husband that she has a tumor upon a benign lump on her breast.

It turns her life as her family becomes more attentive. However, the first season ended with the family finding out the truth. The Mythomaniac season 2 will continue the circumstances and offer the upshot. Thus, it can be expected that the screenplay will be more solemn with how Elvira tries to reconcile with her family.

The Casts, Writers, Directors, And More

The same cast is expected to return in the second season. Alvira (Marina Hands), Patrick (Mathieu Demy), Carole (Marie Drion), Sam (Jeremy Gillet), virginie (Zelie Rixhon), Jeff (Jean Charles clichet), Isa (Julia Faure), etc. They will continue the melodramatic story created by the award-winning screenwriter and novelist Fabrice Gobert and Anne Berest on the awaited Mythomaniac season 2.

While it took two years to finally arrive on the screen, the second season will be a great resolution of the first one. The family story of women with lies will tell the touching and drama touch that is relatable in real life. At the same time, it is also a great depiction of how harmful simple snowballed white lies are. The Mythomaniac will always be worth waiting for.

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