Prayers For the Stolen Netflix Film Release Date, Plot, And Cast

Netflix has released the official US trailer for Drama Mexico. Adapted from Jennifer Clement’s 2014 homonym novel with the original title Noche de Fuego, this film has an interesting plot to watch. Directed by Tatiana Huezo, Prayers for the Stolen Netflix Film spans around 110 minutes and is represented by talented well-known actors. For more details, here is the information for you!

The Plot

The film which is adapted from the novel of the same name will tell the story of the lives of three teenage girls. They are always in terrible condition and in constant danger of the atrocities of the Mexican drug cartels. The sense of danger is felt by the women and girls of easy hadith who are the main characters in the film.

This film will describe the condition of the three young girls who are always in a state of threat. In addition, there is a possibility that they will kidnap into human trafficking. Even though it was only a negative thought by the character of Prayers for the Stolen Netflix Film, they were in a miserable condition. Until one day one of them was kidnapped and taken away by a group of immoral people.

It was true that one of them was taken by a wicked person. But did not make it to his hiding place in time while on the way. That is why Ana and other friends get anxious about her friend’s whereabouts. This story begins to get exciting when one of them is taken away by a wicked person. Will they thrive in finding the missing friend?

The Cast

This film tells the story of girls as the center of focus of the story. To present an effective and harmonious story, the film is played by six actresses who play young and teenage versions. The story can also combine a coming-of-age type plot which is unique. Not only that, but this film also tells a story that is darker and full of tragedy.

Prayers for the Stolen Netflix Film is produced by Nicolás Cellis and Jim Stark. To show the story, the girls in the film will be played by several famous names. You can find the names of Ana Cristina Ordóñez González, Marya Membreño and Mayra Batalla. In addition, there are also several other actresses, namely Norma Pablo, Eileen Yáñez, and Memo Villegas.

The Release Date

The 110-minute film will premiere at the 2021 Cannes film festival. The film won the Un Certain Regard Special Mention award for its unique story. In addition, the film also won the Horizontes Award for Best Latin American Film. Interestingly, Prayers for the Stolen Netflix Film also won awards in the categories of Best Directing and Best Film at the 2021 Athens International Film Festival.

All in all, this film is one of the exciting shows that you can choose from Netflix streaming online. Adapted from a famous novel, this film has a unique plot and combines a coming-of-age type scheme. Overall, you can see how the film is presented entirely with the artists who play in the movies since it has many awards.

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