Reflection of You on Netflix – Release Date, Plot, and Casts Detail

At the end of 2021, Netflix comes with a Korean Drama, Reflection of You. The series is one of the most awaited K-series lovers on Netflix. Since the broadcast of its first episode, this drama has had positive enthusiasm from fans because it has become actress Go Hyu Jung’s comeback after a hiatus of almost two years. For more details, here is the information for you.

The Plot

This series on Netflix tells the story of a middle-aged woman Jung Hui-Ju who lives a perfect life. Not only successful in work but also have other abilities. Some of them are successful in writing, painting, etc. Most importantly, this woman also has a complete and happy family. Everyone yearns for the perfect life from Jung Hui-Ju.

But his success did not come by itself with an easy journey. At a young age, Jung Hui-Ju had to go through a gloomy and difficult life. Luckily, with tenacity and high determination, she managed to get up and get success. From here, the stories of Reflection of You stared Jung Hui-Ju as a brilliant figure and worthy of being an inspiring example.

The plot switches to another scene that gives a picture of Hui-Ju’s life behind the fame. It looks nice from the outside, but it turns out that this character has something hidden. Hui Ju’s condition was inversely proportional to the views of those around him. She knows herself as a person who feels his life is empty and lonely.

On the other hand, there is a young girl named Goo Hae Won who works as an art teacher. Accidentally, Hui Ju and Hae Won have to meet and leave a deep impression on both of them. Goo Hae Woo reminds Jung Hui-Ju of his difficult youth, so Reflection of You represents work between their lives.

Meanwhile, for Goo Hae Woo, Jung Hui-Ju gives a different perspective on life. However, the presence of Hae Woo makes the comfortable life of a successful painter begin to fall apart. With a unique story, this drama will be filled with intrigue, revenge, betrayal, and ambition. All will be summarized in 16 episodes.

The Casts

This Netflix drama series stars several well-known names, such as Go Hyun Jung, and Shin Hyun Bin. The two will compete against each other to tell a story full of intrigue. Here, Go Hyung Jung will play a character named Jung Hui Ju and Shin Hyun Bin will play Goo Hae Woo. In addition to these names, there are other actors, such as Kim Jae Young (Seo Woo Jae) and Choi Won Young (Ahn Hyung Sung).

The Release Date

Reflection of You has been uplifting the Netflix drama series since October 13, 2021. The series, starring Go Hyun Jung, airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays in new fall time at 22:30 KST. Not only have that, but the series is also available worldwide on Netflix for streaming and will run in 16 episodes.

Jung Hui Ju’s life as told in this series has a side full of surprises and conflicts. This series tells a strange story about a life that seems perfect. Whereas her personal life is contrary to people’s views on work life. Overall, this series is worth watching as a K-series. You can follow the story only on Netflix.

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