Sexy Beasts Season 2 Release Date Confirmed! For The More Beastier Dating Show!

The unique dating show is finally here. The Netflix phenomenal romance dating series with a fun little twist, Sexy Beasts Season 2 is now available on Netflix. The first season was a strange yet unsurprising hit from the online streaming channel, and the next batch is ready to bring more stories. What can you expect from the show? You better check it out in October 2021.

About The Uniquely Brought Up Dating Show

With the main premise of giving people the chance to find their love purely based on personality, the series hit the current audience’s preference. It hit the mark and left such a powerful impression on the television. Which later came with the high expectation for season 2. However, it is not a surprise that it wasn’t a purely Netflix original idea.

The concept was originally aired on the BBC around 2014. The British show was later revived through Netflix in July 2021. It leaves such a huge impression from the cringe, fun, goofy, and novel concept. The Sexy Beasts Season 2 is currently available for you to see the more beastly and cringe moment of the costumed blind date.

The Booming Season 1

Under the executive producer of Big brother the UK, Simon Welton, directed by Sam Campbell, and produced by Sarah Clarke, the show is a chef kiss. It is one of the unique problems in relations, which only prefer the appearance. Thus, the Sexy Beast brings out the sense of finding love through their chemistry regardless of physical appearance.

The dating show’s main charm is the wacky yet elaborated Hollywood movie prosthetics for contestant animal costumes. The highly realistic and fun characters will hide their faces. Thus, they can judge true chemistry through their personality. The idea itself successfully pulls people’s attention, and season 2 will be even more awaited.

The season 2

Netflix announced the Sexy Beasts Season 2 comes out on October 7, 2021. So, you can finally watch more of this unexpected dating show. With the tagline of its back and beastier than ever, the Netflix series brings six new singles that are looking for their perfect date. The serial did not put the show in very obvious matters.

Instead, the show strips away the superficiality you can find in many dates shows with the wacky, charming, and cheeky custom speed dates. Just like the first season with six episodes, the second one will follow suit. Contestants will go on a series of blind dates in costumes. Only those that meet their clicked destined pair will be unmasked.

The dating show is hilarious and sometimes gives a heartwarming format for the audience. In this show, contestants can get extra creative that makes the show brimming with shock values and fun. You can expect more beastly costumes during the Sexy Beasts Season 2. And the hilarious Rob Delaney will be returning as well.

Come with a fun and promising premise, Sexy Beast has captured many people’s attention. It strips away and removes the superficial interaction between the contestants. With the help of fun costumes, you can witness the true blooming love based on personality, not looks. Following the success of season 1, the sexy beast second batch is always worth watching.

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