Sintonia Season 2 Netflix Original Series Release Date, Cast, And Plot

The Netflix original series about teen crime drama is coming back at the end of October. Along with ranges of Halloween-themed movies, the Sintonia season 2 gives a slight time to breathe for streamers. However, the Brazilian Series that has been waited for two years since the original release in august 2019 will not make you sleepy. It will be as thrilling as the first one.

Sintonia Season 2: Cast

As astounding as the first one, you can expect some people will return for season 2. The trio Doni, Nando, and Rita will be portrayed with the same casts. They are Jotappe, Christian Maheiros, and Bruna Mascarenhas. Other than the main character, you can also find the same casts for the rest.

There are Vinicius de Oliveira, MC M10, Danielle Olimoia, and Julia Yamahuchi that will play as Jussara, Formiga, Cacau, and Scheyla. Some other returning stars you can find in the screen play are Leilah Moreno, Rosanna maris, Jefferson silvero, Julio Silverio, fbricio Arajudo, and some other stars or guests to join the Sintonia season 2.

Sintonia Season 2: Plot 

Considering the impactful story of teen crime in the first season, you can expect the same focus on the second one. The story will mostly focus on the trio teen’s lives, Nando, Doni, and Rita. The story continues as the finale scene of the first season show Doni appeared on the television and faced a huge risk as a teen criminal.

The other two also get some unique endings with Rita finding peace in religion while Nando is rewarded by his Cartel. Based on the released trailer, you can expect a more complicated situation upon the last revelation. The cartel violence, the Brazilian communities, and Doni promising a music sensation career might lead to a new rivetting plot.

It is also worth noticing that it is not only Doni that can reach the highest position in his music career but also Nando. As part of a powerful cartel, the handsome boy will try to climb up the ladder position during the Sintonia season 2. Meanwhile, Rita will always try to keep her family and friends safe under the dominating criminal empire filled with violence.

The continuation of the story is pretty worth the wait. As the trio gets their peace and dream, but will also face the consequence. Living in a poor neighborhood in Brazil, the worst aftermath is unavoidable. It might also touch the first order of the Primeiro Comando Da Capital (PCC), as the first season did mention their name a few times.

Sintonia Season 2: Release Date

The original series originally debuted on-screen around august 2019 but then re-released in January 2020 on Netflix. From the get-go, the Brazilian teen series has hit popularity. It was a big hit with its phenomenal soundtrack about music and drug focus. For you who can’t wait, Sintonia season 2 will hit the screen on 27 October 2021.

Going with the teen crime drama story, Sintonia has been one of the awaited original series from Netflix. The first one was brought to the streaming platform around 2019, but the second one is now available on 27 October 2021. The story that picks up community conflict, teen life, and criminal debates should not be missed.

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