The King’s Affection Netflix K-Series: A Historical Drama Showing Gender Swap Plot

Netflix doesn’t want to miss showing a colossal drama series from Korea. In October 2021, the new releases of the exciting drama will appear under the title of The King’s Affection. The long-waited romantic story and unique plot are finally on their way, and viewers are highly doing in advance of its release. With its popular actors and actresses, the serial is one of the best to watch.

The Colossal Drama with Unique Story

One thing that makes this Netflix Drama eagerly awaited is the unique plot and story that is displayed. The idea comes as the manhwa adaptation of one of the people’s favorite Korean comics covers some sensitive stories about gender issues. The topics of this historical drama tell if inside the royal palace there is a conflict regarding the gender of the king.

The series, which is originally titled Affection or Yeonmo, has a story that is unique because of the throne in the kingdom. It can be said that The King’s Affection story sounds tragic, romantic, and a sensitive topic at the same time. The storyline raises the side of Girl’s Love and Boy’s Love, which describes same-sex attraction.

The Synopsis

The story captures the life of the twins (boy and girl) in the royal family. But unfortunately, twins at that time were considered a curse. The presumption of the curse makes the twin daughters born must be killed. However, the crown prince’s wife did not just stand still and make her daughter be saved. Finally, the girl was sent outside the palace so as not to be killed.

The story gets even more complicated when the twin boys named Lee Hwi have to die. For this reason, the mother hides the death of her son. Then, the mother had to make her daughter replace her older brother’s position as Prince who had died. It is what makes the girl become the Prince at The King’s Affection.

The Cast

Several well-known names are behind this K-Series Netflix. The director chose the names of reputable talented actors to portray the characters in this story. The prince character (Lee Hwi) is played by Park Eun Bin. A noble princess who must then be raised as a Prince in the royal family. In the course of his career, this artist has played many popular dramas in Korea.

You can also find the name SF9’s Rowoon performs as Jung Ji Woon. He will play the role of Prince‚Äôs teacher or known as Lee Hwi has an optimistic and intelligent character. In addition, you will also find a character named Nam Yoon Su who plays Lee Hyun. He will play a member of the royal family who has a wise attitude.

The Showtimes

The release date of the series premieres on Netflix from October 11, 2021. You can watch the series with episodes every Monday and Tuesday at 9.30 PM. Along with that, The King’s Affection series will show 16 episodes in total. Each episode, this drama will air for approximately one hour twice a week.

Are you ready to watch the series? Set in the Joseon Dynasty era with a unique plot, this Netflix series is recommended to watch. You can enjoy a series with interesting stories to accompany the day. You will also get an exciting story mixed with contradictions from this series. In addition, the insertion of humor and romance also makes this drama not to be missed.

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