The Queen of Flow Season 2 Netflix Series – Release Date, Plot, and Cast

As one of the most popular telenovelas in Colombia, The Queen of Flow has attracted a lot of attention from international audiences. The series has reached its second season airing on Caracol Televisión and is likely to return to Netflix soon. The show has become a hit in its home country and achieved international success. So, how is the plot of The Queen of Flow Season 2 Netflix Series? Check here!

The Plot

First debuting in June 2018, this telenovela series aired 82 episodes in the same year. This internationally acclaimed show finds a huge audience. And the series found more fans after Netflix started streaming the show on their platform. That is why the series is the most awaited telenovela in the world.

The first season of The Queen of Flow tells the story of a talented young reggaetón player, Yeimy. He intends to devise an elaborate revenge plan against the star who betrayed him that occurred early in his life, Charly Flow. As a result of the betrayal, Yeimy had to receive a prison sentence in the United States.

However, after being released from prison, he intends to strategize revenge caused by Charly Flow’s acts as Tammy Andrade (a music producer who is successful in hiring the DEA). With great effort and determination, she managed to take revenge on Charly Flow. Finally, Yeimy was able to reclaim her life and continue to The Queen of Flow Season 2 Netflix series.

Meanwhile, in the second season, Yeimy will face new challenges that threaten her family. It also raises new enemies who will stalk him as long as his new life begins. So while it’s hard to say what the plot will be, the series will surpass a potential 80 episodes in Season 2. Fans should be sure that their favorite characters will face more challenging dramas.

The Cast

Fans of the series can expect at least two of their favorite stars to still return to the show in Season 2. The most idolized characters are Carolina Ramírez as Yeimy Montoya and Carlos Torres appearing as Charly Flow. Outside of the two main character names, it might be difficult to guess which cast member will return on The Queen of Flow Season 2 Netflix Series.

However, there is much speculation that Andrés Sandoval will return as Juancho, a longtime admirer of Yeimy. Not only have that, but Mabel Moreno could also return as Charly Flow’s ex-wife named Gema. However, the breakup of Gema and Charly Flow’s marriage in Season 1 meant that Gema had left the show.

The Release Date

After such a successful first season, The Queen of Flow Season 2 is finally in production. However, due to the pandemic, long production delays had to occur. However, the first episode of the second season aired on April 26, 2021. This affected the show and will be allowed to stream on Netflix. Unfortunately, not all countries can watch The Queen of Flow Season 2 Netflix series.

Overall, this Colombian TV series follows the story in a similar pattern. Additionally, viewers may be able to see new episodes arriving on streaming services as soon as the series finishes production. But fans will still have to wait until the current season ends before they know for sure it’s released on Netflix.

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