Wentworth Season 8 Release Date, Plot, And Cast

The Australian television drama Wentworth is always one of the best ones to wait in the day. It was a contemporary re-imagination of prisoners which make the drama and crime story more relatable. At this time, the Wentworth season 8 will follow the day by day in the prison. But, Bea Smith’s journey has gotten more heated. How good it is? read further for more info.

The Release Date On Netflix

Season 8 was split into two parts with separate release dates. It has a total of 20 episodes, which air in two parts. The first one has been out from July to September 2020. Meanwhile, the second part has been out on the 24 august 2021. And those who have been waiting for the final episode, Netflix will release it on 26 October 2021.

It has been a long year since the first aired episode which was out in 2013. The original network release was on Soho and Fox Showcase. But with Netflix taking care of the new re-release, it was great news for the people who want to watch the Australian series. With the final Wentworth season 8 out, it reaches a total of 100 episodes.

The Story And Cast

Before watching the 26th October episode, the Wentworth has been on its eight years from its first release. So, let’s take a quick recap before you watch it. The Netflix US date and global series are some of the popular ones. It originated from the 80s film called Prisoner. The Prisoner was a hit, and so does the Wentworth.

In this case, the story set its plot by focusing on Bea Smith’s days in prison. Her life was not easy as she has to be separated from her daughter and live as an inmate. However, her story in the jail was not easy either. The early days in the prison have been filled with struggle. She has to learn the way of life and the hierarchy to eventually survive to the Wentworth season 8.

She keeps on rising in the prisoner hierarchy and finally reign a good position to help her get some rest. But, her charge as the attempted murder of her husband will never make her life easier. Separated from her daughter and the constant uncertain limbo to face are the challenges in her sentenced life. But she strives and makes the prison her home to fulfill her punishment.

As long as the 100 episode is out, you can expect some casts changing. But, you will find the same returning character such as Vera Bennet (Kate Atkinson), Bea Smith (Danielle Cormack), Will Jackson (Robbie J. Magasiva). You can also find some special guests, such as Mart Dusseldorp and Tina Bursill to appear in Wentworth season 8.

The final season of Wentworth has reached the screen and it was one of the best ones to wait. It is the 100th episode of the 8-year Australian television series, which concludes the story of Bea’s life as a prisoner and her life in the Wentworth. Is it worth watching? Of course, it is. You can check it out on Netflix right away to say goodbye to the prison-life drama plot.

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